Frequently Asked Questions

What is Natvia?

Natvia is a 100% natural alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar. We created Natvia because we wanted a healthy, natural way to enjoy a little sweetness in our lives. Using natural ingredients made from plants, we created a healthy alternative that allows us to feel good about who we are, and what we eat. Saying no to artificial nasties and excess sugar in our diet makes us feel great. We just know it will make you feel better too.

What does Natvia taste like?

Natvia has a pure, sweet clean taste that’s been carefully crafted to ensure every granule has a naturally sweet taste. Importantly Natvia’s taste profile has been specially crafted to complement your coffee. (We conducted over 600 trials with baristas and coffee experts to get the taste just right!). Natvia tastes nothing like artificial sweeteners, because it’s natural, so there are no nasty chemicals and no bitter aftertaste.

Where does Natvia come from?

To make The Unique Natvia Blend(TM) we use the freshest tips of Stevia plants (known as Reb A). We carefully blend the Stevia with a naturally occurring nectar (known as Erythritol), which is found in melons and grapes. Our innovative growing and blending techniques are the secret to Natvia, ensuring that every grain has a sweet, clean natural flavor that simply can’t be achieved by others.

Why switch to Natvia?

We want to inspire you to make some positive changes and lead a healthier life. If you’re trying to lose weight, or just eliminate artificial foods and sugar from your diet, Natvia makes doing something about it easy. Every time you use Natvia you’re making a healthier, smarter choice. Just knowing it has 100% fewer calories than sugar makes you feel good straightaway. And when you feel good about yourself, anything’s possible.

Natvia and Diabetes.

Because Natvia has no impact on blood sugar levels, Natvia can help people living with diabetes to eliminate excess sugar from their diet, whilst still enjoying a little guilt free sweetness in their daily lives. What’s more, Natvia is a 100% NATURAL way to enjoy a low calorie sweetener.

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a sweet leafed plant. Its proper name is Stevia Rebaudiana, and it’s part of the Chrysanthemum family. The glycosides in Stevia plant leaves create its incredible sweetness; Stevia is naturally 300 times sweeter than sugar. It’s been part of the human diet for thousands of years, traditionally in grown Paraguay, Brazil, Japan and China.

What is Reb A?

Reb A is the name for the sweetest and purest parts of the Stevia plant. Unlike many other Stevia based sweeteners, we only use Reb A in the Natvia blend.

What is Erythritol?

Erythritol is a naturally occurring nectar found in fruits, like melons and grapes. Because Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar, we carefully blend Erythritol with our Reb A Stevia to allow you to use Natvia as a spoon for spoon substitute for sugar. Our innovative growing and blending techniques are the secret to Natvia’s unique taste, ensuring that every grain of Natvia has a sweet, clean natural flavor.

Can Natvia replace sugar in the diet?

Absolutely. Spoon for spoon you can use Natvia in tea, coffee, on fruit and cereal just as you would sugar. It’s a simple change to make, because you can say goodbye to artificial sweeteners and still enjoy the sweet taste of sugar, without having to give anything up. And because Natvia has 100% fewer calories than sugar, and nothing artificial, it’s a change you can feel good about.

Can I bake and cook with Natvia?

Yes! Check out the Sweeter Life Club for delicious recipe ideas. Although Natvia can be uses as a spoon for spoon substitute for sugar in most cases, it does behave differently when it comes to baking. It doesn’t caramelize as sugar does and it’s finer texture means that quantities sometimes have to be adjusted.
For more Baking-with-Natvia tips and tricks, check out the Sweeter Life Club

Where has Natvia been all my life?

In its unrefined form the Stevia plant has been used for thousands of years across the globe. 21st century demand for a healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners (not to mention sugar) has seen the recent approval of the Stevia plant for everyday use as a ‘tabletop sweetener and food ingredient. This is great news for everybody who wants to lead a healthier, happier life.