Customer Testimonials

I am so happy that Natvia came into my life – it so natural, better than sugar!

~ Ildi Antal

Makes a cuppa so much more enjoyable…

~ Laurie-Anne Smith

Thank you so much for the sugar free hot chocolate!! It’s about time someone made a hot chocolate I can indulge in all winter without the guilt (or calories!!).

~ Natalie Avery

Drinking my green tea with Natvia in it. Ahhh bliss !!! Awesome product!

~ Marlene Maclean

As I sat in the coffee shop the other day I was thinking we need to have a campaign to saturate the food industry with the notion that lo fat is not the only way to go (it is no way as far as I am concerned considering they often replace the fat with sugars for flavour!) and we need to have more lo-carb products available…Lo-carb has let me lose weight eating more than I have ever, so easily (and thanks to Natvia)…23kg in 6 months and falling. MORE LO-CARB PLEASE!

~ Christen Jo Stone