New Sweeter Life Club Website

18th August 2012

When we first launched the Sweeter Life Club, it was just a simple way to get Natvia fans started with simple recipes and meals.That was only a year and a half ago.

Since then, we totally rebuilt and launched a brand new website. Now, the Sweeter Life Club has grown into the largest collection of Natvia Sugar Free and Reduced Sugar recipes online.

These recipes have not only been submitted by our lovely fans, but also from professional chefs and cooks. The feedback has been enormous. We get amazing recipes from so many Natvia fans to share and also a great amount of users who’ve been trying and baking the recipes. So, look out as we continue to build the Sweeter Life Club with more recipes, goodies and gifts.

Check out the Sweeter Life Club here and don’t forget to sign up for great giveaways and free tips.